Couverture Fabbri

We provide roofing and zincwork services .

What does a roofer do ?  seems obvious, but...

A professional roofing contractor designs, supplies and installs the "skin" of the roof .  That's the waterproof layer made of tiles or slates, zinc gutters and flashings that go with it as well as the supporting substrates - usually wood battens / wood boards - and insulation .

It is therefore subject to radically different constraints and regulations than those of a wood carpenter . The roofer fits the "skin" of the roof ; the carpenter builds its "skeleton" .

Roofing is a very ancient trade which has adapted to technological progress through the centuries whilst retaining traditional methods and knowledge, for example where detail-making is concerned .

A well designed and properly installed roof protects a building for two generations and should be pleasant to the eye as well .

Thanks to many years spent on the roofs in England, France and abroad we are able to provide our roof services in various languages, especially English .